Pickles and probiotics: Very few supermarket pickles have probiotics; none of the non-refrigerated pickles, including Heinz, Claussen, all those brands. Any pickles with vinegar in the ingredients is actually really not a "pickle" believe it or not. True pickles are fermented, and need refrigeration. Best by far I've found are Ba-Tampte Half Sour pickles, made with great kirby cukes and high quality spices. And, then there's the Korean pickled kimchi, and it is a real treat too; full of healthy probiotics. King's brand is in Stop & Shop and Shaws. It's vegan, meaning no fish sauce, shrimp paste, etc. The mild variety is plenty spicy for us westerners. Sunja's was purchased at Whole Foods and is tasty and a bit more intense; still vegan though. Real pickles and Kimchi; super healthy, super tasty, super easy, not very expensive.11071105 1615553205323490 428289209730804932 o