Humans are designed to walk all day, every day. We have found a vast majority of patients in our office have lost the ability to walk properly, and this creates problems head to toe. We need to walk with a long stride, with upper body spine rotation, landing on the heel, rolling through, and a push off with the big toe. This ability to walk properly is often "turned off" sometimes for decades, due to old injuries / imbalances shutting off really important muscles (glutes, hamstrings, psoas, and others). We focus on turning these back on, and restoring normal strength and function to these very important muscles, to allow a patient to walk properly with all the important muscles "turned back on". This relaxes tight muscles, restores proper communication in the "neuromusculoskeletal system" and makes a patient much more resilient, and much less prone to degenerative changes (arthritis etc) and injuries.