Fibromyalgia is a condition of pain and tenderness at many sites in the body. The medical approaches are sadly lacking in effectiveness. We have had great success treating people with this chronic condition, using our unique techniques of Applied Kinesiology.

Several of the key things we have found as causing Fibromyalgia:

1. Impaired Lymphatic Drainage; this occurs due to muscle imbalances, and lack of proper movement.

2. Food choices leading to inflammation head to toe; we can coach a patient on making better food choices to help avoid this.

3. Leaky Gut Syndrome, aka Increased Intestinal Permeablity; very often due to a course of antibiotics which upset the intestinal flora. We can help with that.

Movement and muscle contractions are what pumps the lymphatic circulatory system, which is like a sewer system for all the cells in the body. Moving, and walking properly are key things that can be improved with our techniques, and usually make a big difference.

Lymphatic blockage occurs when certain muscles are over contracted, blocking drainage of the lymphatic vessels back into the blood stream to go to the liver for detoxification. This occurs usually due to posture that causes the shoulders to slouch forward. This posture is often caused by structural weaknesses in the pelvis, and the foot or feet. Certain muscles in the chest then over contract, blocking drainage. Then, the system backs up, and the body is then bathed in toxins, literally head to toe.

The common complaints I have found responding to improving Lymphatic Drainage are:


Chronic Fatigue

Mental cloudiness

Memory problems



Impaired Immune Function

The fix is easy, and has no side effects whatsover, other than a better quality of life.....