Dr. David Leaf

The Doctors

Dr. David Leaf, D.C.

One of the foremost teachers in Applied Kinesiology in the world, and chairman of the ICAK (International College Applied Kinesiology) for over a decade.

Dr. Leaf graduated at the top of his class from the Texas Chiropractic College. After graduation, he started practice in Falmouth and later opened offices in Orleans, Martha's Vineyard and in Plymouth.

He began post graduate courses immediately after entering practice and became a Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology.

He has taught courses in Australia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, Norway, Canada and of course the United States. He continues to teach around the world.

He has worked with professional athletic teams including the New England Patriots and A C Milan of the Italian soccer league. Over the years, he has treated over 25 Olympic medalists.

He brings his experience treating these athletes to his patients. He believes that each person has to become actively involved in their health care.

You will become actively involved in your health through specific exercises for your problem, lifestyle changes and nutritional or diet suggestions.

Stephen Tag D.C.

Stephen Tag D.C.

Dr. Stephen Tag graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1989. He had a chiropractic practice on Nantucket Island from 1990 till 2007, when he moved and opened a practice on Cape Cod. He has been studying Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Leaf and many other great Applied Kinesiology teachers since 1994.

An avid lifelong rock and ice climber, hiker, surfer, cyclist, and skier, Dr. Tag has treated many hard core athletes, as well as lots of weekend warriors and couch potatoes. Inactivity is very stressful and leads to premature aging, and as Sir Isaac Newton said; “A Body In Motion Tends to Stay in Motion; a Body at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest”.

Dr. Tag is honored to have the opportunity to work several days a week in Plymouth with Dr. Leaf, and is looking forward to helping take care of the many patients who come from near and far to experience this unique and incredibly effective approach to solving health problems and maximizing the potential we all have to keep living healthy, happy, and active lives.